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Linguistic Quality Assurance and 3rd Party Review

Measurable, scalable, transparent and strict

Linguistic quality assurance

As an ISO 17100-certified language services provider, Atlas offers a measurable, scalable, transparent and strict linguistic quality assurance (LQA) system.

The purpose of linguistic quality assurance process is to verify the accuracy, completeness and consistency of the translated output.

LQA is also used to ensure that the target material is fit for its intended purpose, coherent in terms of terminology and style, compliant with local and cultural norms, and sounds natural in the target language. All in all, LQA is a vital step for the success of the translation process.

The Atlas quality
Atlas offers a perfect combination of experienced linguists, meticulous and detailed quality control processes and automated LQA tools to reach the highest quality standards. We redefine quality in line with our corporate culture and highest world standards. Our investment in Verbasis, which is our language technologies brand, is another proof of our commitment in quality.