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About Us

Who are we?

Established in 2004

In a fast-paced era of information and technology, there’s nothing more essential than an effective, loud & clear way for communicating the name, product, services and message you want to put out there.

Audiences are now located at diverse and remote parts of the globe, making localization services an indispensable part of global success.

Founded in 2004 at a strategic point that connects Europe and Asia, Atlas is a multi-language service provider with exceptional skills in feeling the pulse of the global and local technology and language market.

Our hallmark is our ability to combine the right global solution partners and the right technology with our unique globalization & localization know-how to help you reach your destination.

We are now operating on a thriving global linguist network and our newly established US-invested joint venture, through which we can render a diverse set of services in many language pairs and domains.

Always a step ahead of its game, Atlas is the solution partner that will translate your goals into reality.

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What We Do?

We speak the global language of localization; so wherever you are and whatever your needs may be, we can assist you in the best and most convenient way possible.

Services we offer include Localization, Editing, Proofreading, Quality Assurance (Review, Back-Translation), Product Testing, DTP, Certified Translation, Interpreting (Simultaneous, Consecutive etc.), Data Management (Termbase, TM), and Terminology Management.

We localize a wide range of content in line with target audience needs, country standards, local culture, and industrial jargon of various fields and content types including Automotive, Technical/Engineering, IT, User Manuals, Law, EU, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Textile, Surveys and Opinion Polls, Games Technology and Tourism.

In a nutshell, Atlas team’s annual volume in key subject matters include over 5 million words in IT, 2.3 million words in Law, 2.8 million words in Automotive and 1.9 million words in Technology/Engineering.

Why Atlas?

Here at Atlas, we are very passionate about language & communication and we want to transform the market. The investment we made in our affiliated language technology brand Verbasis ( is a result of this passion.

While re-defining the notion of quality in light of its unique corporate culture and world standards, Atlas has also invested meticulous and intensive efforts into Verbasis, which is a dedicated establishment with several on-going R&D projects under its roof. These projects include linguistic database and automation systems that we hope will evolve the local and global language market.

With our soon-to-be-launched solutions that involve a perfect combination of automation and human touch, our work ethics and industrial expertise, visionary and enthusiastic team of linguists, technology engineers and administrators, we are keen on positively impacting and changing the face of language market.

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How Atlas differs?

Here at Atlas, we have the necessary resources to support your projects with just the right DTP or translation automation systems, so that you can save time and money and achieve optimum efficiency without having to compromise quality.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We feel the pulse of the global and local technology & language market. Appointing the right resources at the right time is the key to meeting stringent quality specifications and TTM requirements.
  • We provide regular training for everyone who contributes to your localized product.
  • We follow elaborate quality control procedures at the linguistic and product usability levels, including all project contributors and solution partners.
  • We use documented and proven workflow procedures for localization.
  • We boast an ever-growing and exceptional database.