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Language, interfaces, graphics, icons, gaming habits and colors

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High-Quality Video Game Localization Services

Successful game translation helps you reach a much wider audience, achieve global growth and success, and increase player retention. However, high-quality game localization is not that easy. Game translation is a multilevel process that includes languages, interfaces, graphics, icons, gaming habits and colors. A talented and expert game localization company team of developers, translators, and testers is needed.


Achieve Global Growth And Success With Your Games

We understand that in today’s global market, it’s essential to make your video games accessible to players around the world. This process is called game localization and that’s where we come in. We’ll work with you to deliver a smooth localization process that guarantees your game is precisely translated and culturally customized for optimal engagement, using our extensive understanding of the gaming business and our experience in languages and cultures.

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Turnkey and country-specific game localization services

Atlas game localization company offers turnkey and country-specific game localization services to help you carry your game’s immersive atmosphere to every language. Knowing that game localization goes beyond regular texts, we also offer coding & testing and voice-over services to make sure your game is target audience-ready and has not lost its original spirit and passion.

Step 1

You send us your game assets.

Step 2

We translate everything with our translators.

Step 3

We make the necessary cultural changes.

Step 4

We create new audio files or create subtitles.

Step 5

QA testing to see if everything works fine.

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Turn Your Local Game Into A Global Success

Are you ready to make your game played all around the world? You can reach a much larger player base by localizing your game. Here, at game translation company, we offer precise game localization services with our team of experienced linguists, developers, and testers.

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    Game localization is the process of adapting a video game to suit the linguistic, cultural, and regional preferences of players in different markets. It requires adapting graphics, cultural references, and other aspects to the target market in addition to translating in-game text, audio, and visual content into the target language.

    In the current global market, localizing games is essential, since it enables game producers to interact with players from many nations and cultures, hence expanding their player base and player engagement.

    Game localization is crucial because it helps remove the linguistic and cultural barriers, enabling players to fully connect with the game’s content and have an authentic, personal experience. Demonstrating their understanding of and concern for their players’ preferences also helps game developers create better bonds with their community. Localized games are also more likely to receive favorable reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, which can help the game creator earn more sales

    As we said previously:

    • You send us the game assets. You should send everything. Not just texts and audio, visuals are important as well.
    • We translate the texts in your game. This includes everything from UI to dialogs.
    • We adapt visuals to fit the local market so they can resonate with the game better.
    • If your game has any voiceover, this is where we record new audio tracks in the target language.
    • QA (Quality Assurance). This is the most important part. We do extensive tests to make sure the game is accurately translated and culturally relevant.
    • If there’s packaging we localize it as well.

    Game localization is a crucial part of game development that can offer several benefits, such as higher income, improved player engagement, competitive edge, brand exposure, and improved user experience. A professional game localization company can assist game developers to achieve long-term success by ensuring that their game is correctly and efficiently localized for various markets.

    Game localization has various key aspects. These key aspects range from translating in-game text, audio, and visual content to adapting the game to suit local cultural preferences and expectations of a targeted market. In addition, game localization includes regional adaptations. Some countries such as Germany and Australia require by law to censor violence alongside other things in video games. Otherwise, a game cannot be sold in those markets. An experienced localization company can help you comply with regional regulations.

    Challenges in game localization are the same as the challenges in localizing a book or a movie. Many jokes, emotions, and quirks can get lost in translation. A bad localization company won’t bother with it, and it’ll vastly decrease the overall quality of the localization project. However, we try to mirror every emotion, joke, and quirk accurately. In some cases, such as puns, we must re-write clever puns in the targeted language. Game localization is a challenging but fun thing to do.

    Game localization is possible for any games, but some of them are way better when they are localized. Many story-driven games such as RPGs (Role Playing Games) and AAA action games are prime targets. It’s also important to localize casual sports games. Simulation and strategy games are other ideal targets for localization.