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Budget-friendly high-volume outputs at lightning-speed without human contribution

Machine Translation & Post-Editing

Automated software to translate source materials

Machine translation (MT) uses automated software to translate source materials and provides budget-friendly and high-volume outputs at lightning-speed without human contribution.

MT has become an essential technology in today's localization industry as it provides many advantages including the ones below.

Benefits of machine translation

  • offers unparalleled speed and the fastest turnaround
  • great for large quantity of repetitive content requiring speed
  • provides simultaneous multilingual translations
  • provides simultaneous multilingual translations
  • lowers translation costs
  • provides real time solutions

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When to use machine translation?

Machine translation will offer efficient results when:

  • all you look for is a general essence of the source material, not a precise and complete translation
  • you have loads of standardized content to be translated in a short time (such as user guides, product catalogues, instructions etc.) into multiple languages
  • you have a content (like websites) that needs to be made roughly available in other languages on a really strict budget

Is machine translation reliable?

Although machine translation has come a long way in terms of quality, speed and capacity in recent years, it still needs the human factor for better results in accuracy, context, cultural competence and quality assurance. That is when post-editing takes to the stage. Post-editing noticeably improves the MT output in terms of accuracy, flow, clarity, cultural sensitivity, fluency and naturality.

Contact us for tailor-made machine translation solutions

Atlas is fully aware that we cannot achieve a natural and organic translation without human touch. For this reason, we polish our MT outputs with the professional eyes of our expert linguists. Just tell us your needs and we will provide the best machine translation solution which will both save you time and money, and help you achieve optimum efficiency without compromising on quality.

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