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Translation Services

Accuracy, context, cultural competence and quality assurance

Fast and reliable translation services

Why we need human translators?

It’s no secret that machine translation has come a long way and offers great advantages in terms of speed and cost-efficiency.

However, human translators still rule when it comes to accuracy, context, cultural competence and quality assurance.

Human-powered translation is still the key

Linguistic nuances and context of a text can change everything and these aspects can only be understood by humans for now. We need human translators also for slangs, idiomatic expressions, localisms, and special technical domains with higher accuracy needs, like legal translation. So it looks like we still rely on human power for translation needs.

How Atlas work and stand out in crowd
Atlas offers fast and reliable translation services in any industry with its robust team of linguists, language specialists and extensive termbase, which is powered by its high-end technologies. Translating a total of 9 million words a year, Atlas guarantees target-oriented, precise and clear translation of your messages, no matter what the message type/format or industry is.
A one-stop language services provider
Atlas is not just a translation agency but a one-stop language services provider. In addition to professional translation services, we also offer linguistic consultancy about your corporate language. We use glossaries, translation memories, termbases, CAT tools and quality assurance steps to convey your style and message to your target audience.